About Company

Nutracare welcomes you

Welcome to Nutracare Health Zone, here our health and nutrition consultants hope to bring you professional nutrition and exercise information, allowing you to enjoy a healthy abundant life.


Nutracare is founded by a group of senior nutritionists and personal fitness trainers who had worked for over a decade to provide professional nutritional advices and help over thousands of customers to control their weight. Founders of Nutracare are also columnists in many well known newspapers with experiences in teaching nutrition Diploma course as well as practical health management experience. Moreover, a team of medical professionals including registered dietitians, doctors, Chinese medical practitioners, pharmacists and physiotherapists are acted as consultant team of Nutracare, in order to provide the most professional service to health conscious customers like you.

Nutracare believes a perfect healthy weight control plan should be developed upon considerate services, complete infrastructure, lifestyle recommendations and practical experience of dietitians, but to satisfy every costumers with different lifestyle and health requirements, not a fixed program can fulfill these requirements.

In view of this, Nutracare has specially arranged the "Flexible Plan Set by You" service, customers are free to choose their own weight loss rate, food choices and service facilities, while still blending in Nutracare’s unique concept of "Lifestyle Nutrition", allowing every customers to experience a practical weight control program that can integrate well with their daily lifestyles.

Nutracare advocates for a complete health plan that is much more than weight control, we believe that learning concepts of eating nutritious foods and having moderate exercise from our nutritionists and personal fitness trainers during the process of weight control is also very important, this would helps to ensure when you have finished the health program, you had already moved one big step into a much healthier life.


NutraCare means respect and promote healthy nutrition lifestyle, we deeply believe that the promotion of nutrition and exercise can bring everyone in the community with a healthier life.