Services for business enterprise

Dietitian services for businesses

Employees are the most important asset of a business enterprise, the health status of worker directly affect their productivity.
As part of the business dietetic plan, Nutracare will visit the company regularly to provide employees with nutrition and physical fitness support services. For more information, please contact us.

Dietitian services for schools

The latest data of the department of Health has revealed that the health of school children is deteriorating, with the main problem being Child/adolescent obesity. Through the school dietetic plan, Nutracare will assign registered dietitians and personal fitness trainers to provide nutritional assessment to students, as well as providing nutritional recommendations and dietary and exercise prescriptions to students in need, thus improving students’ health and body weight. For more information, please contact us.

Column and book writing

Hong Kong people are becoming increasingly concerned about health, the most direct way of promotion of nutrition and health information is through newspaper columns and books. Our senor nutritionists, Cynthia and Josephine have years of experience in writing columns and books. Interested friends in the media and publishing companies, please contact us.

Writing healthy diet booklets/leaflets

Leaflets and booklets are the first way to contact with target customers, Nutracare nutritionists will include vivid nutritional information in the booklet, to promote nutritional knowledge and at the same time understand the characteristics of your products. For interested manufacturers, please contact us.

Planning and speaking in nutrition talks/workshops

Organization of nutrition workshops and seminars is the best medium to promote nutrition and health. In the past, we had organized many nutrition lectures for different companies and schools, under attractive topics such as “I was fat before” and “cracking the trap of nutrition labels”, and useful topics such as “analyze food energy” and “happy foods I love you”. Nutracare had conducted seminars of more than 30 different topics.

Organize and design nutrition courses

With the growing public health concern, staffs working in fields of food catering, health care and products, and even beauty and fitness, along with health- conscious friends are hoping to increase their nutritional knowledge as part of self- development. Anyone interested in participating and organizing nutrition programs, welcome to contact us.

Design nutrition menu and menu analysis

When designing nutrition menu, it is important to focus on nutrient balance and varieties, whether being able to meet high criteria regarding taste, Aroma and colour is very important. Nutracare has the latest nutritional analysis program which can help in designing nutrition menu as well as Conducting individuals diet nutrition analysis. Interested groups and organizations, please contact us.