Theories behind our plans
The six letters: ABCDE, stands for the six elements of health beliefs we adhere to for your overall health. It is also the core of the company's plans. Every health plan designed by Nutracare includes these 6 elements.

Activity Class

We will arrange small group supermarket tour to help you understand about nutrition labels, you can then apply these skills as part of your daily life to help you choose suitable healthy foods for yourself.

Behavior Modification

Health myths, incorrect eating behavior is the main cause of health deterioration. Our health professionals will help you successfully complete the health program, and in addition will act as your nutrition and exercise encyclopedia to help you enrich your health knowledge. Self- improvement is the best way to protect yourselves.


The company is named as “Nutracare”, hoping to use nutrition to take care of everybody’s health. Every health plan of Nutracare is client- centered, we hope that through considerate personal care, every client can have their health improved.
Plans are set with longer keep fit period, allowing you to receive permanent care and support to help you maintain you weight once you have completed the program.

Dietary Recommendations

Nutrients give people energy and to stay away from being ill. Our nutritionists will set individualized nutrient- balanced menu for you based on your needs to help you improve your health. Nutracare had designed more than hundreds of nutrition menu to suit the needs of different clients. We also move with the time, performing regular visits to different restaurants, to help us provide update advices on global healthy food choices. During the health program, you are still able to enjoy dining out with your friends and you can finish the program relaxingly.

Exercise Prescriptions

In addition to exercise prescription, our targeted exercise programs are prescribed by qualified professionals. Therefore, our exercise prescriptions must be set by our personal fitness trainers. Personal fitness trainers will perform a comprehensive physical fitness assessment before prescribing a unique exercise regime to you, ensuring even when you are at home, you can still train yourself to a better and healthier body figure.


Nutracare believes and insists that “Nutrients must come from foods first”. However, if are coping with excessive stress, diseases which predispose you to a imbalanced diet and when your body cannot absorb enough nutrients, nutrient supplements will become important. Unfortunately, in recent years, many people are blindly taking supplement products that are not suitable for them. Randomly purchased nutritional supplements can be a waste of money, in addition the product can failed to deliver the nutrient or health outcomes as claimed.
Therefore, Nutracare will perform nutrition assessment on you, offer professional advices and recommend you high quality nutrient supplements suitable for you.