Individualized services

Weight control plans

Maintaining a healthy weight is the first step to healthy life, in view of this, Nutracare has specially designed weight control plans for adults, children, the elderly, pre-marital women, post-natal women, to ensure your weight stays healthy at every stage of your life.

Exercise prescription

Both men and women desire to have good body figure, Nutracare will help you achieve this via a series of targeted resistance exercise taught by our personal fitness trainers combined with nutrition prescription to help you achieve your ideal figure.

Health maintenance plans

Promotion of preventive medicine is now the trend of the health care system, in addition to help in reducing the burden of medical expenses, health prevention allows you to enjoy better quality of life at the later stage of life. Knowing how to use food and nutrients to improve health is the only way to better health.

Dietary treatment plan

Food is the most reliable method of treatment; most patients with chronic illnesses are due to diet related causes.
Patients with diabetes, kidney disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout, constipation, anemia can all prevent, control or improve their condition through dietary changes. Dietitians will provide professional nutrition information and tips to guide you with healthier food choices, if necessary, dietitians will also recommend nutritional supplements to assist you with meeting your nutrient requirements.

Nutrition supplements analysis

In recent years, health products and functional foods are becoming increasingly popular, but unfortunately the quality of health products available in the market varies greatly, some people even blindly take the products without knowing the ingredients, resulting in a waste of money while causing harms to health. In view of this, we will assess your diet and if required recommend the most suitable products for your health and remind you of the precautions when taking the products, in order to help you maximize the effect of nutrients in the body.